Take the time to know and understand your units specific negotiated contract.

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 Know your Rights

A 1975 Supreme Court decision (NLRB v. J. Weingarten, Inc.) provides that a union-represented
employee has the right to a steward when facing an investigatory interview. This private sector labor
decision was applied to federal employees by Congress at 5 USC 7114(a)(2)(B). The important thing to
remember about your “Weingarten Rights” is that management does not have to notify you of this right:
The employee is responsible for being aware of the right to request representation. Therefore, make sure
to educate your bargaining unit employees of their rights to request union representation.

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The concept of ‘Strength in Numbers’ is tried and true. That’s what Union Membership means for Federal employees. Being collectively strong is important in order to be heard both at home and in Washington DC.

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